when you overhear your name in a conversation


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10 Ways Of How To Not Give A Shit


  1. Be silent. Don’t let anybody know you don’t give a shit. Actions speak louder then words
  2. If you absolutely have to  verbally get the point across. Example: If some basic bitch comes at you with some irrelevant, useless, he said she said, high school drama crap. It only takes five words to end it: “I don’t give a shit”. Walk away.
  3. Realize that you could be doing something else more important then going back and forth on some little bullshit, like living.
  4. Block them rearview windows when you’re cruising on the path of happiness to the land of awesome. Nothing that’s behind you matters.
  5. Somebody trying to walk out of your life? Hold the damn door open  for them. People who don’t make an effort to stay are irrelevant.
  6. Do now, think later. Overthinking leads to negative shit, we don’t care about negative shit.
  7. When people are telling you things they think  are impossible for you to do, interrupt them be doing that shit anyways. Don’t forget to show them your middle fingers in the process
  8. What people think about you… NEVER matters. This aint their stories, it’s  yours.
  9. Find something you love. Do that shit. Nothing else matters
  10. Want revenge for being wronged? Smile and be happy when them bitches are around. You win.